Skinning faces in 2.47

I am having an issue and I am not sure if it is a bug. I was hoping someone could help! I have been doing some google search’s and it seems this function is suposed to be built into 2.47. It is not on mine. I am 100% positive I selected an edge loop because I alt selected the loop. Here is the picture and the .blend

You should have another option showing to skin Face/edge loop when selecting F which works as expected when selected. I used 2.47 also to make sure its there (using your .blend). If your version does not show this go back to an earlier version and see if it shows up. May be an install problem.

It works for me in 2.47. However, the skinning option on the fill menu (F key) is still driving by a python script. My guess is you are missing the file in your .blender/scripts folder. Here is your blend with all the skinning done: precision(fix).blend (413 KB)

I tried 2.46 and 2.45 and it is not showing up… I have a windows white bow with XP Pro. Intel Core 2 Duo 2 gigs of Ran and a nvidia7800 GTX

Could you help me figure out how to download that and install the script?

Did not really turn up much…

Go to and download the .ZIP package for Windows. Unzip it and you should see the .blender folder with a sub-folder called scripts. There should be lots of scripts in that folder. Just copy the whole scripts folder into your blender / .blender folder.

Sure enough, no scripts folder… Thanks for helping this blender newb:)

hi e1 im new to the forum but have used blender for couple years but seriously havin problems with 2.47’s rigging and skinning. in past versions the bones were conected at ends in 2.47 whenever i try to make a bone(or chain) its always points north i can move it n place it but cannot make chains and when i make the parent i choose armiture but there is no longer a from nearest bones option. any suggestion would be great apprieciated

I might be going in the wrong direction with this, but i will try my best. I always start by clearing the bone rotation with Alt-R in object mode, you can move the tips of the bones where u need them. To add an additional bone the space bar works great in edit mode. and for parenting the bone to another bone. In edit mode with the armature selected make the bone a child of in the armature bone settings. Picture attached: Let me know if this helped or did I miss the question?

thank you for help koots i think it was a install problem i think i figured it out alil but have 1 more question if you have a answer it be great. when u make your bones is there anyway to join to fat ends of the octahedron bone.

I am guessing Merge but that does not seem to be working. While I don’t know how to do it I am confused why you would want to? Can anyone help?

I don’t think you can. I think this is why armatures often have a root bone at the base of the spine so that you can extrude both up and down the mode from the root.