Skinning Hand / Inconsistent results

Hi there
I observe funny effects using v2.4, worthwhile writing about.

I get inconsistent skinning results just by moving the view in the 3d window and then aligning the camera view to it. I have jpg images; if anyone would like to take a look email me. (No download page.)

In case of the hand I have (not unexpected) real difficulties skinning between thumb and hand. I followed a few very helpful tutorials and also applied weigth paint with only minor improvement. What is the real magic behind skinning a hand??


here are two sample images, showing the funny effect:

I think it had nothing to do with 3d view and camera realignment but rather with the rigging of the model. switching between edit and pose mode!

Image 1: (edit mode)

Image 2: (in Pose mode)

any comments about rigging and skinning appreciated

Those messed up areas seem to have verts assigned to the wrong Vertex Groups; they take their rotation (or part of it) from finger bones. In WeightPaint mode Shft-LMB on those areas and choose the Vertex Group you think they belong to and it’ll isolate their weight color for you.


thank you for great help.

I guess you are rigtht - need to work more precisely on those vertice weights. - will post result later.