skinning help


i have been playing with the new bone tools in the 2.40 a2 release.

I have setup a basic rig for my character but everytime i try and parent it o the mesh i get the following error, “loop in parents”?

Could someone tell me how to setup vertex groups in this release or are they no longer relevent?


Aren’t u supposed to parent the mesh to the armature and not the other way around? I think you are trying to parent the armature and mesh to each other and thus creating a looped dependancy.

You get the “loop in parents” error becouse you have the armature parented to the mesh. Select the armature and press atl+P to unparent it, then you can parent the mesh to it.
Note that the armature doesn’t nececarly have to be parented directly to the mech to produce your error message, it can be parented to something other, if that is parented to the mesh.

As far as I know, vertex groups should function as allways…

yes that fixed it, thanks alot