skinning in version 2.37a

hi :slight_smile:
im new here hehe

see, i created that:

using this tutorial: (in spanish)

please, although you don’t understand spanish, please have a look at it and locate “Figure 4-56”

in my version, 2.37a, it doesn’t appear :frowning:

what should i do?

thank you :slight_smile:

PD: english is not my first language, so… i might make some mistakes :stuck_out_tongue: correct them please hehehe let’s learn another thing besides blender heheheh[/img]

First make Gus (which you’ve done) then make the armature (which I assume you’ve done?)

When you parent the mesh to the armature (select mesh, shift-select armature, press ctrl-P) you have to choose the “Create from closest bones” option. If you’ve done everything else correctly this will create the vertex groups you see in that list.

When it says to press the menu button (I’m reading the English one) it means the little button with the arrows on it, above the word “weight”. That shows the list of groups.

When you have questions like this, you will probably get more answers quicker if you post in “Blender General”. Most people have more questions when doing the gingerbread man tutorial.

hey thank you very much!
alright, i’ll post in Blender General. i didn’t thought that gingerbread was a frequent exercice :slight_smile: