Skinning Prob with False Vertex Groups

Hey Guys , i am a bit annoyed from that damn problem cuz since a few ours
i´m sitting here and cant find a solution.

i try to give a short explain maybe somebody have had the same prob before .

I ve imported an obj from Poser and kept it as a whole without any vertex groups
but material. If i go into the edit mode i can select a few parts of the model with
island-select “L” - but not the same as the parts in Poser. this is good as it is.

now i skin the character on to my modified Biped Rig (Biped with fingers not more)
either with the armature-mod or by simply parenting… nevermind the prob is still
in both solutions. And here whats wrong:

with created bone Heats the weight painting is horrible ! i have had models - everything
works fine, but on others -i dont know why- it seems that the vert order or something like
that is maybe unorganized or so. it seems that it has to do with the islands, but i cant
fix it cuz i dont understand. the model is even joined and should work fine like other
poser obj´s

i have put the file here.
so you can take a look.
check the weight painting and you will see what i mean.

Maybe somebody of you can tell me whats wrong and what to change…

de Heavy

Checked out your file. In my experience with Heat weighting, it doesn’t do well with overlapping regions like you have in that model. The shirt will “block” some of the weighting that should go to the coat. You have two ways to go:

  1. Fix everything by hand after the fact with weight painting
  2. Break the model up into its different layers (shirt, coat, head/neck, etc.) with the P-key. Parent them to the armature individually so they do so with no overlapping geometry. Join them back together afterward with the J-key.

When I build characters, I actually build them as several separate pieces. This is one of the reasons.

Hey, =] thanx for that short reply and the Tips.

i would build a new model if i had the time for, but schedule is short so i think breaking it all up - parent it again and then joining them back together sounds like proper solution at the moment.

but dit you took a look at the upper arm Joint ? as you can see it weights something down on the Jacket …