Skinning problem - Jaw and teeth


I am making a human character (the base mesh was created with MakeHuman), and it appear that I have a problem with skinning. See :

From left to right and top to bottom :
1 : The mesh with the jaw bone,
2 : The inside of the mouth (teeth) in X-Ray,
3, 4 : Jaw bone rotates, the teeth perfectly follow the jaw bone and go faster than the jaw mesh
5 : Jaw weight paint for the jaw bone,
6 : Teeth weight paint for the jaw bone.

The problem is I don’t know how to “synchronize” both jaw and teeth. I tried to decrease the jaw bone influence on the teeth (0.5 instead of 1, for instance), but it doesn’t work.

Any ideas ?


Meh, sorry, during the moderation I found the solution :
Head bone had an influence on the jaw, so the jaw couldn’t go as the same speed as teeth

Bleh, sorry, during moderation I found out the solution :
The head bone had an influence on the jaw (and not on teeth), so je the jaw couldn’t follow the jaw bone correctly