Skinning problem

Hi all,

I’ve just received my Blender Guide (been battling since April to get it!) and I must say I am extremely impressed. The images and shorts included are also very inspiring. I’ve just read the chapter on skinning (I’ve also done the bottle tutorial before) and I am having a weird problem in 2.34:

Here you can see I have two surface nurbs which I have just joined. You can see that they are nicely rounded:

Now I selected all the control points in edit mode and pressed Ctrl-F (I also tried just plain ‘F’). Now the control points are jagged, sharp edges and when I leave edit mode the whole thing disappears!

I’ve googled and searched the elysiun forums and couldn’t find a solution.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Not sure why this happens, the ONLY way I found to fix this is:

Select all the points of one of your curves and delete them. Select the remaining curve, and if it’s open (seems to happen randomly), then select all points and hit C to close. Now if your curve is still invisible, (also seems to be random), hit F7 and in the Draw box select Wire under Draw Extra. Then duplicate the curve TWICE, so you have 3 curves. Join them up again, enter edit mode, hit A, then cntrl F.

If someone has a simpler way to fix this, please speak up!

If you’re using regular nurbs curves and closing them, you probably want to avoid them, instead use like a nurbs circle and make sure both curves have the same number of points.

That is the normal behaviour.

To smooth it out, in EditMode, Editing Context CurveTools Panel rise the values of Resol U and neighbouribng (Resol) V


S68: Changing Resol U and V values seems to have no effect :frowning:

Kansas_15: But you shouldn’t have to do this… I mean if you look at the mouse nurbs tut they start with a normal surface nurb and then close it.

Enzoblue: Tried this, but didn’t work.

This almost seems like a bug… probably not since the feature has been around for a while.

Any more ideas?


It works for me though, probably because a nurbs circle is closed to begin with.

Fixed it! I used Kansas_15’s thoughts and created a NURBS circle. I then traced that according to my other circles, duplicated etc. and it worked.