Skinning/Weight paint Help required again :D

Hello, I got a very little thing while skinning bird rig. with rigify. While doing beak/mouth. When painting weight to lower beak it automatically paint upper beak too. Please have a look at video.

its small thing but i don’t get the logic behiend it.
UV’s are proper solved/unwrapped. and there are no modifiers on the mesh.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you set vertex groups for the upper and lower beak?
It looks as if you might have grabbed a single vertex in the lower beak when you set the upper beak vertex group…

Yeh i do have vertix group for lower beak. As well as for upper too.

It looks like it might be painting the undeformed positions of the vertices. Which it shouldn’t do, unless you did something weird with your modifiers.

When I’m trying to paint stuff that’s close to each other, I almost always paint in vertex mode, with only the vertices I’m trying to affect selected. Should work for you here, without knowing exactly what’s happening.

yes this is what i did finally. Select vertices and than paint it. by this way it worked but still not able to find what causes the problem. :smiley:

I noticed that too. Weight painting in an armature pose seems not to work. In weight paint, the mesh is still in rest position while its posed visually.

Might be a bug since thats adding a lot of confusion?

yes may be its bug.