skinning with array modifier?

I am trying to model an architectural scroll like so:
I found it very difficult to get a good result with merge. And it is only working with one setup. So if I want the scroll to have 4 turns, I have to adjust the model and the merge setting and if the outsides of the model touch each other, the merging doesn´t work. Also, you see remains of the base model on the upper inside. I have also studied the tutorial in the wiki, but here there is always a distance between the scrolls (to allow the merge to work correctly), but I want them close together.

I was wondering, if there is no easier way to that. It would be cool to just have von edgeloop that gives the profile and apply an array modifier to that edgeloop and then just say “skin” like with the DupliFrame option and have my model! Maybe that is already possible and I just don´t know how to do it? If not, it doesn´t seem to difficult to me to implement this and it would be very versatile! (Much more useful and predictable than the merge option!):

Once your happy with your array, apply the array modifier then go into edit mode and select all the vertices.Now on the 3d window menu goto mesh>scripts>bridge faces/edge-loops and choose segment.

Thanks, yes, that is the way I was looking for. Only, it would be very helpful to have this as an option in the array modifier, so I don´t have to apply the array modifier.