Skinny man

I started on a new character.
A skinny man.

I started on the head. Please tell me what you think.

I also made a composite one, just for fun.


He looks really cool allthough the “things” around his mouth are way 2 deep.

Thanks for the reply!

I made the “things” less deep and his entire jaw smaller. I also made a facial rig for his mouth and eyebrows.

I started on the body. Please tell me what you think.

I have finished the upper-body rig, and I think I’ll make an animation soon. What should I make him do?
Rig test:

Oh man! he is cool :D… good moddeling, but I think the eyesocket are a bit too round, but anyway… very cool:D oh, and will you teach me how to make hands?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

I’d love to teach you how to make those hands. They are really simple. I’ll have to make some illustrations first. But I’ve you want to learn it now, there is a very good hand tutorial. It’s rather high-poly for cartoon characters, but I got most of my “inspiration” from it:

This looks very similar to bassam/slikdigit’s mancandy character. Going good though :slight_smile:


Do you think I’m copying it too much? I haven’t looked nor thought of it while creating this one though…

looks nice I like it.

the thumb looks wied like if it grew under the hand.

but otherwise he looks great. keep working on it. and animated it

Thank you!

Another update. It’s fully rigged and ready for animation. Any ideas?

I have a few crits about the model:

he dosn’t have any shoulder. you should try to make some cause when the arm is up it dosn’t look very good.

the pelvis place dosn’t very good, especially where the legs are atached. you might want to try to improve that.

hes arme are a bit too long, (maybe it is what you want, I don’t know :D)

otherwise it looks really good.

for an animation idea… well I don’t have one right now, but If I find one I’ll tell you

After some tests today, I can finally get back to Blender (not for very long though). I changed his eyes, pelvis (not enough though, but I think it wont disturb to much in my animation), feet and some slight things on the face/head. Please crit!

he look like he wouldn’t be too out of place in a alien city or something. maybe have him wear an absurb alien disguise in the city and maybe that would make for a pretty funny picture or something.

Ok, here’s some crit. Stop working on the body. This skinny guy is a platform for his face and his hands. Both agents of expression. So, he’s obviously someone who communicates expressively. A preacher, a politician, a fast talking con-man. Throw some rundimentary clothes over the body, use the stick legs and arms to adjust the clothes, and concentrate on animating the face and hands.

Animation ideas:
Fire-and-brimstone revival tent preacher, laying his hand on the head of a cripple, who throws away his crutches and walks!

Urban con man, attempting to persuade someone walking primly down the sidewalk to stop and play a little game of chance.

Opposition politician, railing against the stupidity and corruption of the incumbents.

Used car salesman, trying to sell a wreck to a couple of provincials.

Thanks for the replies.

Though I have no idea what absurb means, but I think I get the idea.

I started working on some clothes…
I think I’ll try the carsalesman idea, that way I can practice some car modelling as well.
I also have another animation idea. But I need my dad’s audio equipment in order to start.


OK. I made a test walkcycle in a few minutes.

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to it since I wanted to try some new modelling skills.

Please reply.
I think I should lower the arms a bit, right now they look like enormous swings.

I tried many wheels for the car, but these seemed to fit best.

I also made some skyscrapers. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them, maybe for some sort of skyline…

Scrap those wheels, I’m going to model a DS!