I must have sent a hundred job applications 9 times out of 10 I don’t even get a response, when I do it’s just to say that they ‘recieved my application bla bla bla’

a while back I attended a job fair, an art related job fair, I marketed myself as a storyboard artist and got a bunch of feed back on my work. didn’t actually get a job, but the feed back was actually relatively encouraging. I feel like it gave me more direction, I think my best chance at getting a job in this field is to develop portfolio work geared towards a very specific position, then market myself at events like that.

It gave me hope … got me thinking and feeling like this may actually be possible … I may actually be able to get a job doing this as a living.

but right now I feel like I need to revise my entire portfolio :confused:



if you want to build a new set of storyboards for a portfolio, how do you pick out your subject matter, how do you decide what to board? do you look up a script on google? pick something out of a comic book? re-board something you saw on TV?

I’m at about 60 frames right now but the script isn’t done. I’m wondering if I should continue or just leave it at that

Hey! like your storyboard look! In my opinion (not a expert by any stretch of the imagination on this subject) You should finish your WIP. If you are looking for inspiration as to what to storyboard, Why not storyboard a portion of a book? In my thinking, that would give you the chance to both visualize something from the descriptors given, and kinda play off of your imagination. Just a thought.
Good luck with the job hunt! always awesome to get a job doing something you love!


I’m not really certain what to do with this. before I received some feed back in terms of …

  • applying more depth to the boards,
  • and something about varying the camera angles as opposed to having shots that are dead on
  • and having more foreground and background elements
    I dunno if this is any better or what else I can do with it

I’ve seen some people doing this with their boards where they’ll add gray scale flats, I think this is supposed to accentuate depth …
I also attempted to do something with the line work where elements that are closer are bolder and farthest away are kinda faded and blurred out …

does this really help? or am I investing time and energy into elements which aren’t really beneficial to the boards?

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