Updated March 5th 04

-added hull plating
-redid the lighting
-replaced the instrument pod

Those last boxy kind of segments are the engines which of coarse produce thrust making the whole thing skim over land a bit like a water skipper.

more detailed pics further down

Set all faces smooth than Turn on auto Smooth so the cylinders don’t look craggy.
Trust me it makes all the difference.

Also model is great but texture needs work

nice legs…no…i’m not trying to hit on it…it’s just…actually…yeah…

very nice, good work on the legs. texture needs work and the middle body seems to lack sime detail.

nicely done


Close up of the foward gun assembly.

good work, keep it up :slight_smile:


Cool! :smiley:

(re: the last, closeup image)

We expect to see some light on the surface closest to the camera, as it bounces off the side of the ship and illuminates the (very cool-looking!) blaster assembly.

Unless you feel like doin’ radiosity, you can cheat that by putting a very small lamp right there on the surface of the ship, pointing at the surface. (CG lights have the very cool property that you can’t see them; you only see the light they reflect.)

I’m a little over half done with the extra plating. if you see anything in the pattern that could be improved feel free to say so and of course that goes for everything else.

sundialsvc4: thanks, yep an extra spot gave the contrast I needed. I’m thinking of adding a physical one to the under carriage to give a practical reason for the light source.

a better look at the hull

Looks great cant wait to see it textured… but dont forget to smooth the curved edges. But IMO all the small plates just doesnt seem practical, (maybe bigger sections) although it does look cool.