Skirt Cloth Simulation Problem

Hi all - firstly (noob here) - only been playing with 3d rendering and modelling for a few months…

Blender is great, but I am having an issue trying to add “folds” or wrinkles to a skirt.

I am using an exported Genesis from Daz - I lowered or “un subdivided” her as much as I can then I have the skirt which looks great (to me anyway) but doesnt look natural

I have collision on Genesis and Cloth enabled on the skirt - maind problem is that the Cloth ‘moves up’ instead of settling around the waist/hips…

tried pinning too, but that only keeps the belt area in place - the rest still moves up…

image one shows previous render in daz with handles/movement - no cloth simulation. Image 2 (grey) shows the current issue (starts at frame 2 and stays that way)

Currently the area just above that knees is pinned
some sttings
STeps 5
Stiffness 5
Cloth1 preset
Spring 5
Cloth coll quality 5, selv col of 3

any other thoughts/ideas?

if I do a plane over a cube it falls down like it should…

Very quick. One idea would be to check all the normals on the cloth - recalculate or something. And/or subdivide the cloth a bit more. Also, is self collision on or off? If it is on and one of the parameters (forget which) is too high, it will try to repel itself.