Skirt deformation without cloth simulation and without attaching skirt to model?

I’m new to blender and i’m having difficulty making the bottom edge of a skirt move with the character posing and animation. The rest of the dress seems to deform fine as it as set as a child to the body, but this dosn’t seem to work in the skirt section.

It’s for use in a game, and the clothes on the model are to be changeable ingame, so i don’t want to fix the clothing to the model in any way.

Any help would be great! It’s probably something really simple but the learning curve over the last few days is just overwhelming!

Sorry about this but i tried to find the tutorial that explains this but i couldn’t, I lost the URL. Anyway, I can give you some hints that will point you in the right direction. All body parts inside the skirt should be grouped as a vertex group then apply a mask to them. This will keep them from poking through the skirt. Use the search engine to learn more about masking if you want to learn more.

Thanks! There is so much to learn in with this sort of thing, a pointer like this really helps!

To make the skirt actually follow the legs make sure it is being deformed by the same armature. Which I think you are. The problem you are having is because of vertex weighing. You can select the armature, put it in pose mode and then select the dress. Then enter weight paint mode. You can select a bone and even pose the character to see the effect of the weight painting on that bone. Go through and paint your weights with X axis mirror that way it stays the same on both sides. You can also do some tweaking in Edit Mode if you like by selecting points and assigning/removing weight values to each vertex group of the bones you want affected.