Skoda 105

Hi, here is me new low poly model Skoda 105 :wink:

Howmany polys? And the texture on the bumper looks off. Other than that great work!

very nice. did you use UV mapping?

Very nice pic.It resemble Ford car model.Its nice work.

next step is interier :wink:

Hi, thanks for the compliment
model now has around 13,000 triangles but the limit is 15 000 as the cars from NFS Carbon and GTA
Textures are a total of 3 at a resolution of about 2000x2000 pixels or lower

also thank you for the Compliment
yes everything is mapped through the UV coordinates :wink:

hi, here is new progres

looks greaaat !

Heh. I had a car like that once. :wink:

Broke down in the middle of the road on one of my first dates. :eek:

(Amazingly enough, she’s still here.)

(My wife, that is.) :o

You might consider changing the color…to something a litte more dull. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a baby-blue car. Just a suggestion if you want to make it more realistic. Excellent work though! Also use that dodge and burn tool around the rusty areas, windows, and anywhere dirt would collect. :smiley:

Thank you for praise
texturing is not my strong suit so that with him I still have a lot of fighting :smiley:

next updates :smiley:

The olive green bumpy texture needs to be much smaller on most areas, try to make it as uniform in size as possible.

OItherwise, it looks promising;)