Skontar I can't hear ya!!

(Schlops) #1

Hey Skontar, any news on Olypmiakos?? :stuck_out_tongue: Another great CL-performance?
Gosh, Leverkusen lost again, but with that results every team in this group has good chances to advance to the next round.

(Timonides) #2

Hi Schlops!!! :smiley:

Well, to tell you the truth I was just about to post a relevant thread, but you managed to post first…

Anyway, Olympiakos lost yesterday from Haiffa, but it’s obvious you allready know that (otherwise you wouldn’t be teasing me…)

Well, I think this team (Olympiakos I mean…) is really unbelievable…

They are capable of doing incredible things (like beating teams such as Leverkuzen, Manchester, Ajax Juventus… etc.) and then the next week
loose from the weakest opponent!!!

This is really frustrating!!! I am very dissapointed!!! :frowning: Ohh and Bat -Dog to (he is also Olympiako’s fan… :smiley: )

Anyway as you said, right now every team (except Manchester who I think is allready in the next round…) have the same chances to proceed…

BTW. I hope you are not Leverkuzen fan!!! Are you??? :x :x :x ( :smiley: :wink: )


(Schlops) #3

Well, I’m from Germany and Leverkusen is a german team (and not FC Bayern München!!! ;)), so I’m kinda Leverkusen “fan”. They played amazing football last season, but now (w/o Ballack and Ze Roberto) they have some problems.
Actually I’m a fan of Schalke 04 (good performance in UEFA-Cup last week) and 1.FC Nürnberg (well, german Bundesliga at least).
Good luck for Olympiakos, nothings lost, even Olympiakos and Leverkusen can advance to the next round.

(valarking) #4

i dont like football much. :frowning:

(Timonides) #5

Nahhh!!! With Manchester in the same group, I don’t think so… It’s just the other three teams fighting for the second position of the group!!!

Miracles can happen though… It’s just they don’t happen that often!!!

Anyway, good luck to all German teams!!!

Ohhh!!! There is a Greek player named Haristeas, who plays in Budesliga!!! I think he plays for Verder Bremhe!!! Have you seen him??? What do you think of him. I think he is very talented (though he is not very experienced…)!!!

Hey valarking!!! Do you, or do you not like football??? I think you need to decide!!!


(Schlops) #6

LOL, Haristeas! 3 days after the CL match vs Olympiakos Leverkusen played at Bremen. Leverkusen took the 1-0 lead (sounds familiar? ;)) Bremen scored for 1-1. And then came Haristeas! He scored twice, the first one was an unbeliveable shot. Leverkusen lost 2-3 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
He is really very talented. Maybe he is the one Greece needs to beat England (great match in WC qualification, but what a ref :frowning: )

And good luck to all your favourite teams! :smiley:

(valarking) #7

I hate it!
No, I love it!

(Timonides) #8

Well, I think actually Haristeas played in that match. He is really talented. When he’ll gain some more experience, he will be really good… And it was a good thing that he went to Germany… This way he will not be poisoned by some really bad habbits, Greek football players have…

But for the moment there is also another one great player. Demis Nikolaidis. This man is a real pain in the ass for every defence player… If he gets the ball near the goalkeep, it’s BAD NEWS for the other team. I admire him (although he is not Olympiakos player, plays for AEK FC). He has good qualities.

Above all he has honour!!! Two years ago, he scored a goal with the hand. The referee didn’t see that and he counted the goal… But Demis, went to him and told him the truth and the goal was cancelled!!! He got awarded be UEFA for his honesty…

Men with honour are rare these days!!! Nikolaidis, is one of them…

Good luck to all your favorite teams to…


p.s.: valarking is insane!!! No he isn’t!!! YEs he is!!! No he isn’t!!! Hey valarking, could you please stop!!! You are confusing me… :stuck_out_tongue:

(fullback) #9

skontar, Schlops:

You guys are watching the wrong tournament. Everyone knows the MLS finals in the US are far more exciting and important. 8)

Schlops, don’t make me bring out the “beer gut” picture again. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(valarking) #10

no. errr wait, yes i cant, but no i caannot can do that not.

(Schlops) #11

Skontar that makes the performance of the ref (Eng vs. Gre) even worse!
The Story of Nikolaidis is intresting. Things like that are seldom in todays professional football (well, it seems the lower the level/league is, the worse it gets). This happens in the Bundesliga now and then in 10 years, mostly if one team is comfortable in the lead. It’s all about money, and a goal less can cost millions of Euros.

Olympiakos and Bayer can advance to the next round: Olympiakos beats ManU now twice, Leverkusen beats Haifa twice, et voila three teams in good position. :wink:

fullback wtf is MLS?? :wink: Who needs MLS when the US-players play great matches here in germany? Tony Sanneh was in the “Team of the gameday” last weekend. Oh, and please the “beer gut” again! I love it!
BTW: Germany is now unbeatable:

IMHO valarking fell in love but his girl/guy(?) is currently far away.So he goes berserk all over elysiun. BUMP![/b]

(fullback) #12

What position does FringsKahn play? Goalkeeper? :wink:

It’s far too early in the morning here to put that ass/gut picture up. I can see myself getting quite ill and possibly yawning in technicolor (puking).

(Timonides) #13

Well, to make things about Nikolaidis more interesting, this incident I am refering to, happened in the Final game for the Greek Cup!!! Whoever would win in that game would win the cup to!!! He had a good excuse to pretend it was a valid goal!!!

But Nikolaidis seems not to care about these things!!! He only cares about truth and honesty!!! He plays football only for the joy of playing. He is an old school guy, when things were pure and money and “professionalism” hadn’t corrupted everything. He cares only to score beautiful goals, not phoney one’s. He is an ATHLETE!!! I envy AEK FC. for having such a player!!!

fullback, champions league (ex European champions winners cup), is one of the oldest soccer tournaments in the world. People (such as Pouskas, Di Stefano, Eusebio, Kroif…etc.) and teams (Man United, Real Madrid, Juventus, Ajax…) that managed to win this cup, have been IMMORTALIZED!!!

Ohh yes!!! We are watching the right tournament…

valarking, your case is beyond cure… Or is it??? Naaahh, I don’t think so… But perhaps Yes… OOOOHHH please STOP IT!!! ( :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: )


(fullback) #14

Yes, I know that — I was joking. The winner of the MLS cup (8 years old) that I earlier referred to is usually IGNORED!!! by the general population and CASTIGATED by the media. We do things a little differently here in the US. 8)

P.S. Who is Cruyff? Isn’t he that Dutch guy who played in America in the early 1980’s? :smiley:

(Timonides) #15

I know that. Well it seems that soccer is not the most popular sport in U.S. as it is in the rest of the world!!! (they don’t call it king of the sports for nothing!!! :wink: ) But I think you have a good national team. You played some good matches in the recent World’s Cup!!!

Yes!!! That’s the guy, I’m talking about!!!


(valarking) #16

I know that. Well it seems that soccer is not the most popular sport in U.S. as it is in the rest of the world!!! (they don’t call it king of the sports for nothing!!! :wink: ) But I think you have a good national team. You played some good matches in the recent World’s Cup!!!

Yes!!! That’s the guy, I’m talking about!!!


No he is the guy of course he is not!

(Schlops) #17

This guy should be carefull. Maybe there are some people willing to catch him and bring him to a museum and put him in a glass-box labled “The last football-PLAYER”. :wink:

Olympiakos watch out! Leverkusen beat Bayern München today with 2-1, 60 min. playing with only ten players. But it was more like rugby and not like football.