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Hello dear Blender’s Users.
As a 3d Artist since about 25 years and blender User since about 11 years (i don’t remember exactly), I ve finally decided to start packing stuffs as i feel that the research or project are finished in a single place. here
It’ll be very different regarding what i m studying . But i hope it’ll be useful for you…
I ll try to respect the file size’s limitation here in any case. If it’s to heavy, of course, i ll find a solution as everyone here do.
as an old 3d guy. I often play with every kind of category( modeling/animation/shading/scripting…etc)




The first file Is about crosshatch rendering in real-time.
I have previously done it for 2.79 and told that i ll explain or share the file on Blendernation (shame on me, i didn’t do it. you can blame me…sorry for that).

So i repair now this mistake with an updated version made for 2.81
crosshatches_shader1.blend (2.0 MB)

It’s UV based with two direction textures with Alpha. Seamless.
drawn in the blender image editor.
i didn’t use a procedural one, but it should be another study.
feel free to replace those two image with those you have done.

If someone need the 2.79 version i ll upload it for you.

Hope it ll be useful for someone.

see you with the next file

ps: re-edited the file to include crosshatch occlusion and tweak lightning


The Art of Re-targeting or The Super Powers that sucks

As i’ m working a lot with motion capture till a long time, working for triple A games or commercials movies, i was disappointed that Blender did not handle re-targeting very well. Motion Capture Tools’ addon was a good attempt but not supervised by Post animation users. the approach is too constrained by the old BVH file format. And the fact that we cannot only import the animation in an existing scene’s character directly from the mocap format is not pipe-line friendly.
There is a lot to talk about that subject.
I’ have written a script (with my poor coding skills) to create an Artnet server long time ago and release it here few years ago for the game engine. I have ported it for blender 2.8 viewport for others projects.
the idea for the mocap pipeline ll be for me, to drive Empty’structure (like in the joined file) by network from any kind of python friendly’s software (Mobu/Blade/Vicontools…etc)transporting few floats or vector to feed them.
In this file there is only a bunch of bones, drives by an fbx Raw quality set of markers (it’s one of the multiple manners we use before retargetting and post animating in MotionBuilder. No network stuffs at the moment.
It could be more perfect, but it’s a rough study on how to post animate without hegemonic’s software. (598.3 KB) blender 2.81 Beta

The Character is not intended to be nice but dis proportioned to test the re-targeting.
i have created it really quickly from skin modifier.
With some driver’s tricks to avoid collapsing meshes on elbows.
Hands were post animated by me because there was no mocap on the file.
I have tried to Make the file presentation a little bit attractive with shading and lightning for trapping guys who hate reading technical stuffs.

Tentacle mutation is really a “superpower” that sucks!



Procedural Volumetric Firecamp

Today’s file is about volumetric fire and procedural stuffs.
I have tried to do a fire with the combination of 3 flames and a “ground” flame surface with volumetric shader. It’s not intended to be realistic one.
As you can notice, the volumetric stuffs on the base ground’s flame are screen dependent. i don’t want to spend more time on doing it better.
The branches are also procedural with voronoï textures and ramps and emission. The textures coordinates are in object, so, if you want to reduce the burned parts, just move the mesh in edit mode on the local z axis.
Hope you ll find it useful.
hope you 'll do something better with it.
Volume_Fire_eevee.blend (1.5 MB)

Updated with shaky shadows

These are all just GREAT!!! Thank-you so much!
I worked on a cross-hatch shader awhile back… you have achieved it…I only got about half way…I will study your nodes, Carefully!! Thank-You again !!..

Ps… any plans on making some tutorials?