Skuax HideOut (downloads included)

I would like a tutorial of that GIF as well. “Unrolling Duct Tape”
I like to gain more knowledge

let me know when you’ve finished the video, so i can watch and learn! ^ _ ^

thanks for your interest in this @user5555155 @Xelbayria .
I hope i ll finish this soon

@BenW @Xelbayria @user5555155

First part is online.


@user5555155 @Xelbayria @BenW

Second part is online…


That video is very educating and simple. It’s very clever of you to use the beizer curve to make the inner roller/duct. :thinking:

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Thank you for the comment. I m’ always searching for the fastest and easyiest “artifice”.
But to be honest. It should be better to add more spline vertices on the two circles composing the inner roll. In case of level 0 interpolation of the curve.

Can you provide more explanation from what you said above? I would like to understand why.

Just try to decrease the u interpolation number in the green curve menu on the parameters panel. You ll understand.

Model transformed from Blend Swap CC0 license.
Model Base by Meinhard Absalon / Ryan_Plyler
EEVEE viewport rendering set to render
Of course it can be reapeted with offset in NLA Editor Without slidings.
Transform offset curve freezed for render purpose. but it uses also F-modifier for offset repeat.
Fcurve modifier addon for faster editing made by @tonton here



very nice stuff here really, thanks for sharing :v:

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EEVEE realtime Flame (softbody and shader tricks)


A real-time flame with sparks, based on shader animation and tweaks, soft bodys, constraints and parent links. The subject in the file is a torch, but the collection can be easily imported/appended as collection instances for making more consistent fires.

  • point Light animation done with a driver on the light power.
  • there is a rotation constraint on the fire mesh so it’ll points up anytime.
  • fire detail can be tweaked by the noise roughness in the shader editor.
  • fire density can be tweaked by manipulating color ramp in the shader.
  • speed can be tweaked by manipulating the division factor after the driver (#frame)
  • same technic for sparks
  • A modifier’s stack for mesh motion


Sorry i didn’t work on the smoke effect yet… perhaps one day…

Blend File with bkg

Procedural_Flames_Alone.blend (1.7 MB)

ps: as you can notice… i’m back


@RSEhlers @canpe @Xelbayria @Punker3D @nonamejuju @user5555155 .
hi guys, new optimized stuffs around here.
have fun

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Welcome Back! And with flames no less!!


Droplets on water.
As @yogyog asked in this post. I have searched the way to make an animated ripple effect for particle system with shader node. It’s a little bit messy but it works.


Droplets_on_water_shader.blend (950.1 KB)


Skuax is the man!

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Not sure if i m the man. But for sure i m a man. And not a furry ball.

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I am a furry ball of a man

Pictorial evidence ???

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Mainly, in a lot of 3D animations, the camera’s motions are done directly by animating the camera object.
The results are really often rude and let us a bad feeling about the “movie” itself.
It’s really often a botched job.
The movie’s industry till the beginning use machines for handling camera’s movements (traveling’s rails, chariots, cranes…)
And in our subconscious, we have assimilate this smooth movement because we have seen a lot of, by the beginning of our existence.
I’ve spend a lot of time animating cameras when i was in charge of layout in 3d industry, and Directors (coming from real movies)
teach me that: “Better reproduce a kind of camera machine instead of animating a single camera or one with target”
It ll be more easier to tweak with 3 or more individual axis later.

So here is a simple Camera RIG that i often use. Hope it ll help someone to push up his narrative skills.

Camera_Rig_Crane.blend (963.6 KB)

Edit1: There is a rotation constraint on the last limb to compensate the arm x rotation so the camera stays horizontal.