Skull Helmet

Hi, I recently started to use Blender and I have to say that I totally love it.
This is a skull helmet sculpture I’m working on. And I want to divide it into 3 pieces
so every piece has it’s own material and details. So how would you approach this situation to retain
at it’s best the commissures?

I hope you all have a great and fruitful year!


Reminds me of the helmet I wear when I ride my mountain bike! :wink:

Maybe, haha, I was free sculpting and after I finished, I thought it looked like the Punisher logo.

Take a look at the helmet and find the certain parts you want to divide. You have the top, bottom and sides. Go into edit mode and rip the vertices away using Control V. In the event that you might mess up, duplicate a copy first.

Thanks for the advice XeroShadow. Is there anyway to connect them after I rip them? So far I’ve thought about masking the pieces in sculpt mode, or trace them with Bsurfaces, your metod would be easier if I can find how to join this tinny little vertices :slight_smile:

Well, yeah you can reconnect the vertices back together. First, have the entire mesh selected. Next, press the W Key and choose Remove Doubles. If the top of the User Interface shows you a number of vertices that were removed, then you have brought them back together. However, since your model was sculpted, that means you have a lot of vertices to go through. It’s better to create a low poly model before performing the action mentioned in this statement.

Yes, I now. I guess I’ll have to take this in count for the next time, thanks for taking your time to respond the thread. Gonna look for the e-mail notifications to respond quicker.