Skull Model (First Ever Model)

Hi All,
I have been playing around with blender for a while now, just getting to grips with the UI and some functions.

I have now progressed to my first model and I wanted some feedback on this work in progress (Please be gentle :slight_smile: )

OK I have watched about 5 min of the face modeling tutorial (25 min in total) and I have just ran with it.

Here is what I have come up with, its a human skull (missing teeth and bottom jaw, to be created later (work in progress).

The reference images were not the same size and proportions from front and side view, so I had to make an educated guess as to if it looked right to me.

I have also included the meshes:

Sub Surf (Front View)

Without sub surf (side View)

Am i on the right track??

For a first model, this looks very, very good! It looks like you’ve got the topology and edge loops done well, and the proportions are nice, as well.

A few things I noticed are

  1. The upper ridges surrounding the eye might need to be pushed out a little.
  2. Perhaps the shading/lighting could be changed a little. Maybe try a 3-point lighting setup?
  3. In your image, it looks like there’s a hard seam running up behind the eyes on the side of the head. You might want to check your mesh and make sure nothing is intersecting.

Great work so far. Keep it up!

Just a quick update,
thanks for the feedback Clean3D.
I have made some changes to the mesh and the lighting.

I’m currently playing around with GI so i’m using an ico-sphere with duplivered

I’ve now turned on OSA (Turned off on the previous images)
I kept the eye sockets in wire frame they have been seperated from the main model and parented.

and one last one for the night, just for fun.
Freshly peeled :evilgrin:

really good first model, it looks like you have an understanding of edge loops already. the texture/color on the first one looks strange and unskull-like to me. Kinda plastic looking, and the second texture would look much better if it wasn’t so blurry, is it low-rez?

Hi Postmodern_Boy,
Thanks for the feed back.
Yes, the sukll does look a little plastic. I have turned down spec to 0 on the texture
to keep rendering times quick. In the first renderings I also had OSA off completly, which
seemed to cause some strage shading arond the top half of the skull.:confused:
The Images are rendered in low res (again to keep the times down).
I’ll look into the texture to see if i can sharpen things up, but I’m not too concerned about that
right now.
I’ll render some 1024x768 frames and post them along with the blend file when I get home
from work tonight.

At this stage of my 3d learning curve, i’m just focussing on the mesh, I’m not too concerned
with the colour or texture of the skull, I’ll learn how to apply that once the mesh is complete.

Frome the feedback already posted, it looks like I’m on the right path

Thanks all, I’ll keep posting with my progress :yes:

I have made a few changes to the mesh,
some from feedback received, some from my own observations:

  1. Eyebrow bones raised
  2. Cheek bones adjusted
  3. Upper jaw deleted and remodeled

The Really gutting thing is that I have just noticed a technical inaccuracy in how
the cheek bone meets the upper jaw. I might be able to get away with grabbing
the mesh for the jaw and moving in the z axis to give the cheek/upper jaw more of a sweep.

Also found that OSA had nothing to do with the funny shading on the first renderings.

My GI rig was too low :o
I have moved it up a bit and adjusted the controlling lamp to give more even lighting

Another update: -

Lower jaw now completed.
Still to do

  • Ridges where teeth grow in the jaw
  • Teeth
  • SpineThat should complete the Mesh for this part of the project

Here are the images:

I think I may have to bring in the jaw in under the ear, loks a little funny from the
front view (looks like a huge smile). Mind you, it might look fine once i have done the teeth.

Just to make sure I don’t annoy anyone, can an admin move this post to WIP if
it is deemed not to fit into this section of the forums.

Please comment on the overall project


Cool Work!

OK, here are the latest updates.

Now completed the teeth.
Made a big newbie error tonight. After rendering a preview of the skull with the
teeth, I hit the X in to top right corner thinking I was closing the render window.
Yup you guessed it. I closed Blender, and yup, I didn’t save :no: :o

Ahh well, I took me about an hour to get back to where I was, and I think the
teeth came out better the second time around :rolleyes:.

Here are the latest renders:

For what I’m going to use this for, I think I can call this one “Done!”
I’ll need to have a bit of a spine modeled, and then it’s off to texture and better lighting.

Hmm, as I read this post in the preview window, I think the upper jaw is too big.
I might have to reduce it a little an move the teeth and lower jaw up.

let me know what you guy’s think.


if you render before you accidently close when you open blender back up and you can go file -> recover last session and it will take you back to your last render

also you need to move the lower back some

if you look at my model which i made using pictures of a real human skull…the lower back is just slightly back of the front jaw…although this gives my guy an over bite…i think it does make it look more balanced

Hi SDSJap,
Thanks for the tips, especially about recovering the last session. I tried looking for the
shutdown .blend file, but I couldn’t find it in /tmp :frowning: ahh well, never mind. On the birghter
side I found a new function in blender that I didn’t know about before :smiley:

I have been looking at some other facial models posted on here, and there seems to be a
concensus that this sort of modeling should be done in perspective view and not Orthographic.
Can someone either tell me why this is, or point me in the direction for further reading.

This mesh was done in Orthographic view (Just in case you wanted to know)


When working from a photo, its wise to work in perspective mode, because photo references are always taken in perspective mode. :stuck_out_tongue: Size distortion happens which does not translate well when you make an ortho projection of it. If you had some kind of orthographic measurement of a face, though, you’d be using ortho. It just depends on your source material.

Hi BlackBoe,
I understand what you are getting at :slight_smile:

Many thanks for you plain english explanation :smiley:

Depending on the result you want, I would recommend either using a photographic reference, or making your own drawings to use for reference. If you’re trying for accuracy, the orbits of the eyes should be wider than they are high. The top of the nasal arch should project forward a short distance, and there’s an (anatomically) important bony ridge (the septum) in the middle of the nasal opening. If you can find an example, look at the way that the cheekbones arch around making a space for the jaw muscles to pass beneath before joining the sides of the skull.

That much said, I think this is a superb result for a first effort. The human skull is quite a demanding form to model accurately, even using plastic materials like clay.

i wouldnt recomend using drawings for something as complex as a skull…i tried to use several text book quality drawings and nothing lind up with the front and side veiws maing it nearly impossible to model it accurately

Many thanks for the kind words, I know i have still got a long way
to go to get to the level of some of the works on here!:yes:

To be fair I used drawings as reference material, and as stated in the early
part of this thread I had to make a judgment call as the front view didn’t
match up with the side view. This definatly backs up what you were saying SDSJap!

All in all I don’t think I done a “bad” job of it.
here are the ref images I used:
Taking another look at this image I can see what you were getting at 3Distracted,
when you are talking around the septum and the cheeks.
I guess I could cheat and call it stylized :rolleyes::D.

I have still got some things to do with this model :-

  • Small section of spine
  • Texture
  • Light RigBut so far this has been a great learning experience and all the feedback has urged me on!

Thanks guy’s

Just one last update for the night:

Adjusted the nose “ridge” (septum to follow later)
Reduced upper and lower jaw sizes, and re-aligned teeth
Crude adjustment to rear of lower jaw causing some creases in the faces (to be refined at a later time)

I think the adjustments now make it look human, and less ape like



looking over your mesh in the first pics…one tip that you havent heard yet is that you couldve used a UV sphere to make the back and sides of the head(with some editing of course…

thats what i did…made the face and forhead then connected it to a UV sphere with around 8 sections…and then did editing to make it look right…saved ALOT of time