Skull (Update 3)


I’ve been following the ‘Dead twice’ tutorial from and right now I have finished the skull part.

Here is the link to the tutorial:

And here is what I have so far:

I will be greatful for any comments and critiques

That is a hard tutorial.

I think he is good., but should he really have eye globes?

Nice work.

One thing that bothers me about many drawings and models of skulls is that artists so often get the back cheekbone wrong. This area comes out and loops around, over where the bottom jaw is attached and towards the rear of the skull before rejoining. This forms a vertical hole below the temple area. Yours misses this, although I don’t think their screenshots have made it stand out very well.

Tutorial was made for 3D Studio MAX. Impressive that you followed it with Blender.

Okay, update time. I tried to work on the cheeckbone, like Lancer said. (thanks man).

should he really have eye globes?

Umm, well the skull has eyes in the tutorial, so I think I’ll stick with that for now. But thanks for the suggestion.

I also worked on the hood.

Please keep the C&C coming :wink:

many thanks,

okay, another update before I go to bed.

I started the cloak. It still look very bad, but I decieded to post what I have so far anyway:

C&C is still very welcome and needed

If you want to have better clothes try softbody.

Unless you want a cartoon look, shrink the head. The human figure is an average of 7 heads high.

Okay, third update.

I worked a bit on his mantle, and shrunk the skull

Props (pitchfork, etc)

C&C still very welcome