Skull WIP

Here’s my first go at a skull. I think it’s pretty good no? at least for a first attempt :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not really that good with lighting and scenes yet.

and yes i am aware that there are a couple too many teeth up top lol. at least i think there are.

suggestions gladly welcome. :slight_smile:


I think the cheek and so are good but the back head looks weird, but it’s good for first try.

maybe it’s just because of the angle. I have really good refference images so the proportions are correct. though to admit the back is messed up, but im getting there. ill get a few more angles

Teeth: 16 upper and lower in an adult. 12 upper and lower in a child. Hope that helps.

I agree about the teeth, even if you use a different number of them they may look better if they are closer to the correct proportional sizes.