hello all,

This is my first full project in blender project, and my full good render in blender/yafray. I played around with anim8or for about 2 weeks, then switched to blender, but apart from that, I haven’t had much experience in 3d modeling.

I’m following a 3dmax tutorial, and am trying to make it fi to blender as much as possible. If anyone wants the tutorial I can post it here.

about the model. It does not have teeth or a jaw, so don’t comment on those yet, for they are not finish. the lighting is very dark, cuz I’m going for a kinda creepy look, so it might be hard to crit on. I’ll post a wireframe later if you want.

thanks :smiley:


Please post to link to the tutorial.

really nice man keep it up

I’m on page 11, I skipped some parts, cuz the tutorial is making an eviler looking skull, and I just want a human skull.

thanks again.

Just some advice.
Search the net for reference material.
And don’t be affaid to post lots of images
and ask questions.

is that advice to me being new, or relevant to the model?


Nice, but erase the face where the eyes is supposed to be and the nose doesn’t look right.

That tutorial seems pretty hard to me. I’m on page 4.

yes, it is quite hard, but is very good, and has a great reference picture. though I am having some difficulties making it relevant to blender (its a 3ds max tut), such as making polys of more than 4 points. when you make the teeth, it directs you to make polys of 6 points and extruding. Im trying to find a way around that.

No the nose isn’t quite right, either. the tutorial says thats how to make the nose area, but it doesn’t fit to the reference.

about the polys arounf the eyes. those belong there, its just that they look weird cuz of not enough polys to make it look smoother. I’ll creat another loop to make it look smoother.

I really need help in the area of creating polys that are more than 4 vertices. You can hide triangles with the fake-gon command, but the hidden tris still make sloppy subsurfacing. is there anyway around that?

thanks again.