WOO! finaly got my computer back, i just wanted to test my anotomical knowledge so i made a simple skull. i used no reference pictures. started from a cube, and took around an hour. if you notice any wrong parts please tell me.


pictures would help…lol

damn your quick, sorry should be there now

i no.its midnight…im bored!! lol

thats really good!! get a good material on it its nice!
how much experience do you have with the 3d worlD?

well, blender was pretty much the first 3d program i got, so i started about 9 months ago i guess

o i was like damn! thats better then what i can do! and your just started!!! but ok now i feel better

do you plan on making the rest of the body?

ooh, that would be tough. i dunno maybe sometime in the future

ok…well you plan on putting textures on this?
OFF TOPIC! do you like Korn?(the band)???


can we get a side view

i dont think ill texture it,
yes,i do like koRn
and yes you can


well for not havening any reference its nice!!

but if you want on here is one

MUNKY i s my fav member of korn

thanks .i did a bit more on it. i think the eyes are a bit big now, but it looks better


Hmm, I never actaully knew what a skull looked like. I’ve seen them before but really never took notice of it, its a lot different to what I was thinking of. Too much cartoons when I was young probably built up this fake image in my head.

Looks good, similar to the link lilgrudgeboy posted. Good work.

This is in the WIP thread so I’m assuming your going to be doing more to it? What would you do to it, just texturing?

thanks, ill probably add some more detail, then i might texture it

played around with it a bit, and made it look a bit demon-y


yeah i like this one the best!! its soo good and really cool!!

…id add some backround stuff…like in this case add like a Hellish theme??

anatomically… has most of the basics. Proportions off.

See attached for a 3D reconstruction of a real skull (from a CT scan of one of my more unfortunate patients… the tube coming out of the mouth is for the ventilator, gunshot entry point on left side (skull’s right) and exit wound on the other. Some x-ray scatter from dental fillings causes the abnormality at the bottom. I don’t have any normal CT recons as I only keep the interesting images in my personal collection.

I prefer the demon skull as it allows more artistic license - I find the anatomical errors a bit distracting from the other although it is still well modelled.


Ok thanks, doncuan. yeah i sort of gave up on making it realistic and focussed on making it look cool.
i mighttexture it and make it into a scene, here’s what im thinking…


dude thats really good!!

thanks, alot

Thats looking really good now, perhaps putting a tattered banner on the spear (or whatever that is)