Something i am working on for the pass week.
There is also a link to a360 video on VIMEO and a link to a blend file.


update on texture


wow, a skull with a full set of teeth, thats a first ;).

looks very good, but it seems to plasticy to me for some reson(it could just be me though).

except from that i love it!

It does look a little shiny for a skull. just turn down the spec and turn up the hardness. but thats the only thing i see wrong with it! it looks great 5*

Great work, 5 stars!

nice. I like the eyes

Excellent work. The last shot looks even better with less Spec, so it seems more like bone…perfect. Also the red lights give it a nice touch. Thanks for making the file available for download. I got it and notice that it has an armature for the jaw and head…great work hope to do some demo animations with it:D. 5/5!