Skullcandy Aviator headphones (cycles)

Just finished modeling my headphones! Took nearly 3 hours.

Also, do you guys think this is a good lighting/scene setup? What would you have done differently?
If you want the blend file, just ask and I’d be happy to post it!

Not bad. The lighting is a little dim and the back drop is a little drab. My suggestion is… If you are heart set on a white back drop, and want to go with the “floating” style ad theme… the put the headphones on one layer and (I would still work on the back drop a little) on another layer… In nodes use render layers and “mix>add” nodes to add the head phones on top of a white RGB node background. If you want a gradient background I suggest using ramps instead of RGB nodes and consider taking a look at a few tutorials on vignetting… I think you will find that this will make it feel a whole lot less awkward having floating headphones in a tiny room. Also, You might want to turn them a little more.

If you are up for sharing the blend file, go for it. I think this is a good (what I call) side project. Not something you dedicate all your time to and often something you do in the middle of another project to take a break from the redundancy of making fine tuned changes. I often dont spend as much time making my side projects absolutely perfect. I would like to play around with the blend file a bit and it might be easier to understand what I am talking about. Also, I can show you what I might do with a few of these shaders.

Nice modeling. Keep up the good work.

Like Thornton said the backdrop is a bit plain but lovin how it turned out for 3 hour work

Alright, So here is what I did with it… I made a few shader modifications, like to the chrome, the plastic, and the wire. Also the AUX leads and plug.

The file can be downloaded HERE

creepy floating wire

I just now realized that these headphones have a mic… That explains the 3d lead. I was about to ask about it. LOVE YOU GOOGLE!