Rather than making a new thread each time, I’ll just post all my Skullgirls fanart here.



3 pics per post :frowning:

Cerebella’s joining the party!





Ms Fortune

Excellent and impressive !!!
My *5 of course.
Missed this post, admiring them on your sketchbook. So sorry.

i’m very grateful michalis :slight_smile:
thanks a lot for all your support

Somehow I missed this thread too. Amazing characters.

Are they made by your own concept or are fan art?

Whatever, they look amazing.

ps. I’ve seen your sketchbook - some really impressive stuff there too!

thanks! they are all fan art. the real deal can be found at
made by lab zero. one of my favorite fighting games.

:smiley: i’m glad you like my sketchbook too.

FILIA, If PHILIA and then like PHILIÁ (accent) in greek means KISSES. LOL

lol :smiley:
quite ironic for her shy personality in the game.
Samson, on the other hand (the parasite on her head, whose tentacles could be mistaken for Filia’s hair) is quite the opposite of shy. wonder how they ever got paired
but they do make a pretty good team

Come to think of it, the “philia” in “hemophilia” means love :smiley: quite close to kisses

my favorite image is cerebella, nice fan arts!

ah, cerebella… she was quite fun to make
had some unique challenges, though. the breast tape, the huge number of clothing items, the texturing of clothes, the makeup, the lighting…
i learned a lot from her
really glad you like her too :slight_smile:

Hey, you still need something else for the thumbnail.
A close up, something with a few clean shapes. It is a thumbnail, right?

yeah, the current one is just a placeholder. it didn’t work the way i expected it to. i’ll put up something better soon


pain wheel