SkullRose Tattoo

I did this for a friend, who requested it at the last second. She wanted a skull, in a rose, with a bat coming out of the skull’s mouth. She’s getting a tattoo done, and she needed someone who could draw, and do it fast.

This was done in about 3 or 4 hours, and I actually have less than an hour to throw some color on it and e-mail it to her so that her tattoo artist can copy it onto her.

Comments and critiques welcome. And I’ll ink it so it doesn’t look like sh!t.

And yes, I know, the bat doesn’t look scary! She wanted ‘a cute bat’ coming out of the ‘scary skull,’ and I told her it would clash, but it’s her request, so…

Roughly colored. Man I suck at photoshop/coloring :confused:

great keep it up!

Thanks dude :slight_smile:
It’s too bad I don’t have a strong grasp on how to properly color my pictures (and that carries over in the real world, too). It’s always easier to do it in 3d…