sky and atmosfere

ok, i just build an svn version of blender and now with the sun lamp i have a sun and atmosfere parameters :slight_smile: cooooool! can anyone provide links to docs relating this?


Coded by Zaghaghi you can find the instructions here…

It’s hosted in Iran though and seems to run very slowly at the moment and I can’t seem to get the images to load.


yeah i had noticed that last night when i made my build

need more info abut it

Hi all,

I added some docs in recently, it’s not complete but can help you a bit
see it here


thanks :slight_smile: that helped a lot.

oh so this made it into SVN now and will be finale?

BTW does the atmosphere show up in reflections?

Yes, It’s not shown in reflections, and it’s not used in AO using option “Sky color”