Sky/Atmospher Layering?

Is there a way to layer the sky/atmosphere so only select objects on certain layers can receive light from it?
Basically, I need the light generated by the sky/atmosphere to only effect on object and not another.
If this can be done without compositing different scenes, that would be awesome.

There are lightgroups, but they do not seems to play well with Sun based atmosphere. So you probably will need to use the compositor to separate layers and recombine.

Yes, because atmosphere effects are applied per file or layer i don’t think there is a way around using the compositor.

Sorry, I forgot tp mention that I’m using Cycles.

Plugging into the camera you can get some other effects. But you could make scene for the objects no shadow. and another for shadows.
Make a scene for BI and could use fog. I did a linking object test a while back. But im shy on the compositor