Sky/Atmosphere doesn't render behind ray trans objects

As the title says, while I was testing the svn r16789 dark theme build from, I noticed that the Sky/Atmosphere will not render itself behind transparent objects, instead you get the selected world background color/tex. Is this a bug that will be resolved in the final 2.48 version? Or is there a workaround? Or both? :stuck_out_tongue:

If this isn’t in there already, you would best file a bug about this at the bug tracker, or at least let someone know at the #blendercoders irc channel at

Blender 2.48 is just around the corner, so if you hurry, it might get fixed for release. :slight_smile:

That build is completely skrewy. I wouldn’t wory too much about what isn’t working in it because basic implementation of world textures gives different results every time you change a button or value then change it back.

So the latter applies to the unofficial or the official builds too?

(totally irrelevant, but why haven’t they included the tiled textures add-on yet o.O)

No, it’s a bad compilation or something went wrong with my download (probably the comp tho). Not sure about the totally irrelevant question but lots of stuff won’t make it into the official build due to lax adhearance to coding guidelines, bad code, no time to review the code, Ton doesn’t like the code, etc…

Hmm maybe they will pile it all up for 2.50, I think, since there will anyway be a lot of programming…

RamboBaby, if this behaviour is still in latest svn (I can’t build Blender right now, so I can’t check), it should definitely be reported. I seriously doubt that it is intended. Be it as it may, the developers should decide.

If the devs don’t know about it, they can’t fix it.

No, you see this happen with graphicall builds all the time…sometimes it’s the compiler that was used, the flags that were set, or the person compiling was either lazy, sleepy or just didn’t know what they were doing…just because a build is screwed up doesn’t mean that the trunk is screwy…one way to know for sure is to try another build and if you see the same problem there then it’s time to report a bug.

Heck, sometimes everything will be going smoothly in the options of Blender that you use most with a release candidate and then Blammo, here comes the official release and those options that were working properly suddenly begin to cause Blender to crash or simply don’t work (like the shadow pass exclusion option for render layers in the current release 2.47…and this was a bug fixes only version). So even the big boys don’t always get it right.

Well, I’m seeing it in my own build also, but it’s not the latest revision, and I can’t check the latest. blackcoatman, do what you think it’s best. I would tell the devs. If it’s not a bug, no harm done. If it is, they would be thankful to have caught it before 2.48.

I just reported this, I hope it really is a bug :stuck_out_tongue:
Hmm there seem to be lots of unattended bugs out there…

Bug tracker:

I noticed something similar.

In my case I noticed that it isn’t picked up in raytraced reflections.

I’m downloading another build to see if it isn’t the compiling issue that RamboBaby talked about.

Nope. Doesn’t work in this one either. It’s looking like a bug to me.

So, the bug has been filed and soon Ton commented on it saying that the fix is now in SVN. So, yay! :smiley:

Well done! Here’s the commit to svn (I just love to watch those :)).