Sky captain Robot *Animated on pg2!*

Hey all,

I was searching the net for inspiration on what to make next well I found this fancy blueprint:

Inspirated with that image I came up with this robot:

Still got to work on the head hands and some other things then texture it etc you know the drill. Anyway please tell me how you all think about it right now and what to add more and what to improve.


Looking good so far!

You may want to to smooth the cylinder/disc parts with ‘SetSmooth’ and use AutoSmooth to exclude angles above a certain degree from smoothing. (Default is 30°).

The perpective makes it a little hard, why not let him stand up for the rendering? You could also flip the Background image.

Thanks for your comment.

Changed the camera to a other position wher you could see more. Smoothed the cylinders added hands and added bolts to the legs!

Any other comments, suggestions or whatever? please post


Yay, Worked on the helm check the results! Now going to work on the feets then its finished:D


C&C more than welcome!


no crits really about the model. now start with the texturing! if u get a really good texture and a great yafray render this could look excellent!

i would get rid of some of those sharp edges by beveling…

If you refer to the scematic, the bolts are a lot smaller and on the breast plate there are another set of them on the crease between the abe area and chest. You should also think of cropping the ref image and extracting the logo and pasting it onto the chest or use it as a nor map or something. Also, the eye visor could be a bit taller in relation the the diagram, and the antenas for ears should extend beyond the top of the head. Definitely bevel the edges on this guy, would add a lot.

thats the robot from sky captain im sure of it

lol. I was going to say the same thing, although this onw seems just a little bit off. Would love to tsee this animated and smashing up some stuff.

[Edited] Sorry, didn’t see last picture.

what site did you find that model?

Hey thanks for your replies everyone!

I made the bolts closer to eachother now its more realistic with the image. Also beveled it all a bit more so you are able to see it:

Jadberg: thanks man im going to learn how to make textures in photoshop so I could make it like the sky captain robot.

Nehpets: Done that;)

Khnum: Yes i made the bolts closer to eachother just like the image. Im going to put that logo as a texture yeah that would be cool thanks for your suggestions.

[email protected]: Hm yes I saw that movie but didn’t knew that it was the robot of sky captain:O looked at google and searched for: sky captain robot and found this image:
So yeah your right man :wink:

Grape Ape: I hope the animation works out well too:) At least im going to try to animate it.

rohancorwyn: I was searching with google to find something for me to model so I searched for: Robot Blueprint. And found that image and its from this site:

Thanks for all your replies again.


Ref Image

Just some minor things (refer to linked image for a visual)

The head has a bit too small of a jaw, the eye/visor is too short and the ear antena are too short or too angled, unless its the perspective of the camera. See red box.

The sholders seem to extend too far out from the torso section. See teal box.

The hip section could just use a bit more of a curve to it and maybe a wider diamiter spring connection. See orange box.

The feet I don’t think you’ve finished yet but the bottom of the legs, on the outer and inner sides could be tappered a bit more. See purple box.

The bolts, I never suggested moving them closer together, what I suggested was making them smaller, but even if you don’t, I would seriously go back and align them better because they all look messed up, they are not in strate lines like they should be, when duplicating them you should have constrained movement to a single axis that way the would all line up together. Also, on the chest, if you look at the green box, there should be a whole nother row of bolts. There was a box of bolts for the chest, and then another row that topped off the rip area of the torso.

I hope this is helpful and not taken as any kind of insult cause I really like the model and if your trying to get it as close as you can I really think this will help. :slight_smile:

Hey man! Thanks for making that image really helped me alot. Anyway updated those things Khnum said only the “shoes” are still ugly. Tell me how you like it comments more than welcome :slight_smile:


Like the logo in the chest but could it be a bit bigger? Also, the head is now off center, but I like the updated mesh work, looks a lot better! :slight_smile: The bolts are all wavy though, I know there has to be an easy way to select all of them and have blender align them via an axis (z in this instance), unfortunately I don’t know how, but my eyes immediately see it. It’s on the chest/ab area, and on the shins. Keep it up though, lookin really nice!

Ive started texturing this is what I came up with still got do texture some stuff but you already noticed that. Also fixed the bolts there more symetrical now:)


Comments and Critiques more then welcome!


hey its really coming along! great to see texturing begin, logo is sitting very nicely and the bolts suit well, feels like the movie quality ones.

I think if i could give any crit at this stage, well, not relaly much to give just now, but maybe some bolts on the elbow joint similar to the wrists might go down well. I suppose you are already going to give the visor a nice big glow, that will be great to see when its done =)

Can’t wait to see it closer to finished!

Peace out!


Thanks LohnC, I am going to work on that glow soon I hope it will work out well. Finished texturing it all so any crits or comments by now??

subsurf it and send a picture again :wink:

what about no?

Some models do not need subsurf. This one, if you checked his reference is built to be boxy looking. Like some old style sci-fi Robots.

the shape is quite perfect. I’d try lighting it in a better way, it looks pretty dark. I know the texturing is dark by itself, but You could try putting some more contrast between the different elements so we can see the details better!

Keep up the good work

Thanks for your comments:

Anicator: I agree with Ecks i checked how it looks with subsurf and it looks better without

Ecks: Am going to put some contrast in it I realized my texturing wasnt finished at all.

Anyway im going to work on that glow you can see at this image:

But I tried spots with halo: Didnt worked out well the lightning just got trough the helm

Tried mesh with halo material: same problem was going trough the helm and cant make it go to one point like the image. So does anyone know how to make such an glow ? Thanks in advance