Sky Captain

I was wondering who saw this movie and what they thought. I saw it and I was generally impressed and amused, though I fell asleep repeatedly (man, it was late.) For those who don’t know, this was done sort of like the new Star Wars movies. EVERYTHING was bluescreened. They had absolutely no sets (according to the newspaper article I read.) The only things that are real are objects that actors touch/pick up. We’re talking heavy CG.

IMO too much CG, and way too much post pro, i know its supposed to be 20’s style movie but there were so many parts that were obviously CG, that could of been easily real set, through the entire realism of the movie off.

I know what you are saying. Of course, it’s cheaper, I think, than building all those sets. However, you would think they could have rooms. Heck, you could probably film it at a crew member’s house! And while it was impressive, there was times when I just didn’t buy the effects. I think their soft focus probably worked in more than a stylistic way. It’s got to help with melting effects in with people.

The visuals are nice (from what I’ve seen on the trailers). And the image post-processing adds a lot of style and, as NQE just said, it sort of mixes the people and the CG together more nicely. Did I mention the style? :stuck_out_tongue:

BUt the whole moving has the glausian effect, it makes hard to see what your looking at, like you have noglasses on while watching it.

I saw the film twice and enjoyed it more the second time. I think they achieved the style they were going for.

I would like to see the same style used with a “detective” type story with a little better script.

i could sum it up in a word: “meh”

people laming about the fact that the effect or scenes aren’t realistic just didn’t get anything…I personally didn’t see the movie. I saw the trailer a few time and yes, it’s not realistic, but it’s meant to NOT be.

it’s a full cg movie (except the characters)…you ever saw a photorealistic movie? Final Fantasy was great, not photorealistic and they were aiming for something near realistic so that’s an exception. Sky captain, on the other hand, have been doubtfully made for STYLE. That’s why there is mucho post processing and all the cg is cg looking. I personally love every seconds I saw of it. The huge 20’s blocky looking robots. The lighting, the glow and all, awesome stuff I must say.

Might be a question of opinion on the style tho…but don’t say the cg is bad, since it isn’t…it’s like saying pixar’s cartoons aren’t realistic enough…