Sky City

Well… haven’t posted in a long time and I haven’t made anything interesting in a even longer time. And I have this idea stuck in my head for some time now. So I figure it’s about time i render somthing.

These are the 1st test renders of a WIP Sky City

C&C are most welcome :yes:

That’s an amazing design! Could you show us some wireframes? And did you use nodes to make the city glow, or did you just make the materials emit light?

Made the materials emit light. Don’t wanna use the compositor yet, since I’m still in the modeling stage of the design.
And as requested, here is a wireframe and a solid printscreen. Forgot how to save an image from a 3D viewport window. So I had to resort to the oldes trick posible :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW! That’s an amazing design. Thanks for those pics. And to save the picture in the 3d viewport, just press F3 in the render window. Did you sculpt any of it, or just model with faces and such?

Actually not what I meant :confused: … I know how to save a renderd image… The option I was looking tor is actually the little camera icon in the header of the 3D viewport. Found it 5 seconds after I actually started to look for it :smiley:

I just modeled if face by face… don’t have much knowlage in sculpting yet. But I’ll cover it eventualy :slight_smile:

Oh and thank you for the “thumbs up” coment. :smiley:

Oh, ok. Misunderstood. You said you were still modeling. Are you going to add more to the design?

Whoa, I better buy muh flat there sometime soon. Great work and interesting design.

@glacierman yes… this is just the rough version, though I am quite satisfied with it :slight_smile: And this is just the engines and platform. I still need to urban plan this sucker and make it nice and shiny :smiley:

@PorkFist Thank you. And just for that I’ll make sure you get the penthouse in the main building :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, well keep updating it, I would love to see the finished product. Happy Blending!

Well… here are some updates.
Couldn’t decide on the engine design so I changed it a couple times till I finaly got that one in the middle. Also I fiddled around with the energy conduit materials.
This is preatty much done for the modelling part… so far as the engines go. I might add another engine type… but we’ll see.
Now need to model the city and the platform… than i can go to work with the materials and lights.
Thats all for now :o

I like the last one best.

I like how you added the spires on the top. What material settings did you use for the wires? And did you use bezier curves, or cylinders?