Sky Creation Methods?

Dynamic Sky add-on? Skydome/box? Sky Texture?

A tropical paradise scene isn’t complete without that crisp, bright blue sky- but I for one have no idea how to go about creating this particular view. I’ve hopped around from different websites to YT videos yet nothing felt concrete; searching for a free HDRI with the criteria in mind has not been easy, either.

I hadn’t imagined achieving a sky to be so . . . confusing

Go to hdri haven this an amazing resource completely free :

There is also some decent free textures but the main attraction is the growing free high quality hdri collection.

You have this free sky generator here but i suggest you learn how to do it first :

Here a sky tutorial for cycle:

Usually we do this with a hemisphere in the scene big enough to encompass our scene and we apply a sky texture to it and we adjust and set light +hdri. But since i switch from 3ds max a few month ago i am not familiar yet how Blender deal with this.

Simply Googling blender making sky give many results but it is depending on the kind of look and what renderer you want to use!

Hope this help you getting started.