Sky Domes

I’m having a lot of trouble finding any clear information on creating realistic sky domes.
Can anyone throw a link this way?


EDIT: Wait, never mind!..sorry :wink:

If you know how, share the secret.

well, in this case (it has to wrap around an object flying in the sky - clouds overhead and underneath)

i just made an icoshere of 5 subdv’s, made it pretty large (to encompass all the camera moves, etc), AND flipped it’s normals to face internally (around the object and camera) - i cranked it’s emit, and turned down all shading and reflection. Then i gave it a material and a good sky image (a panorama - and so MUCH of it is about a good image), and set it to sphere.

After some messing and tweaking, etc…that was it, and it looks great :slight_smile:

I’d been trying to map the images to world settings - and I’m sure I wasn’t fully exploiting the world settings - which worked fine for still images. But when needing the camera to track around the object, it became much too obvious that it was a flat image (the sky, that is, which affected the perspectives, etc).
So, I started trying to build a seamless sky box - and wishing for a smooth dome, because of the problems with the seams in a box. I just didn’t expect that making a sky dome would be so easy, I guess, and felt I needed some tute for it…

I’m sure there’s so much more, so I wish there was a great one for doing more with them, I’m such a total noob