Sky/horizon question


When I use an image for the sky, and choose the “real” option for the mapping, I get the sky extending down to the horizon and default blue from there down.

Can I move the horizon around? Is it fixed at zero on the z axis or at some spot in the camera view?

I’ve got places where the default blue is peeking between hils in my background. I’ve tried selecting my whole set and raising it up, but that blue is still there. I want to lower my horizon as seen from the camera.



Real horrizon is fixed at 0 on the Z axis. But you could try to adjst the offset of the image.

That’s strange. Because I took my whole set and moved it up, camera and all, and the sliver of default blue stayed in the same place in my camera view. I would have thought that if the horizon line was fixed in the coordinate space somewhere I should be able to move everything else in relation to it, but I couldn’t.

Another related question would be, how do I get land (or sea) to extend all the way to the horizon? What I’ve been doing so far has been to just hide the horizon with hills or whatever. I guess in the case that I actually were to want to see the horizon itself it would probably be better to map the sky to the inside of a sphere?

Never mind that second question…