Sky Lake City

This was my entry for the NVArtspace competition at cgsociety (see here), highlighting the combination of architecture and nature.

The voting process has now ended, and as was to be expected, my entry falls into the category ‘submitted-and-never-to -be-heard-of-again’ :slight_smile:

Thanks to all, who provided valuable feedback during creation of this piece in my development thread -> link

All done in Blender, render is BI. Textures and postpro done in gimp.


WOW that is really nice! Don’t see why you didn’t get high in the standings. Love the water and the huge structure in the middle of it. So much detail in all of this! Great job!

the glass structure at the bottom left and the cable gondola are the only crits in this image. I am sure the image would have really come into its own with a little more detail put into that cable car. Other than tht…good image.

Even if you didn’t get mentioned, it’s still awesome. :slight_smile:

It would have been crazy hard to beat the other entries though, they were STUNNING. I just stared at each one for like ten minutes with my mouth hanging open.

You know whats sad, I bet if you would have said “I did this with Maya” or “Rendered in 3DS Max”, you would have ranked higher. WHY do people see Blender and automatically think its going to suck!?

Personally, I like this image, The cable car looks like its tilting too far to the left, but overall, its has great composition!

I liked it, it’s a very good idea and well developed too. Me too think it lacks some details in some area,
the building in foreground could had been more detailed, the glass is a bit odd
with a very poor reflections on it, but the main idea is really good.

Maybe you’re right nfollmer, but I think project like Elephants dream in the past
and Big Buck Bunny now definitely could have many heads turn…

i dont think he didnt win because it was made in blender i think he didnt win because the images that did win were better. They were absolutly stunning they were complex and they looked very good. I think that if you had spent some more time on detailing the buildings you could have done a lot better because your environment isn’t that bad but the materials on the buildings and the buildings in general look kinda simple

The structure, the water, the sky is cool but there is something about the mountain that doesn’t look quite right.

And also the lighting.

Thank you all for your comments.

@nfollmer: I have to second MorbidDog here. Many entries to the competition were just stunningly impressive, regardless of the tools used. For me it was just interesting to see, how I was doing in a contest like this, and personally I am satisfied.

@MorbidDog: One can always do better, of course. Unfortunately the main focus developed to be the mountains textures and almost killed my motivation (see the wip thread). But I learned some new things - again, and I think that’s what counts most ( at least for me as a hobbyist ) :smiley:

Glad to see this finished…just curious - what were your settings on the water.

Thank you tcrazy.

See here for a blend file with the water settings. The final color of the water is controlled by the ambient color setting.

Overall, this image deserves praise. Very neat and gorgeous, especially the falls. Though some parts have that flatness in them. Probably just some diffuse setting miscalculation. Anyhow, that’s not the point in this. This is really really great! :slight_smile:

Well, I like it, and that’s all that matters to me. It looks like a very exclusive resort in a beautiful setting.

I like the idea and the dawn feeling in it, but … The cart looks molten and very detailless. Leafs on the trees seem single colored / texturesless which kinda … makes them look like fake trees. :S Also every large surface in the construction is flat white. I mean sure it can be that, but it looks very boring and dull.

And thats about all i can say about it… pretty nice piece of work, but could be improved…