Sky Pirate - Character

Decided to brush up on my character creation skills and have begun working on a sky pirate character. I finished the base mesh of the body and clothing, as well as added a head that I sculpted a few weeks ago to illustrate the concept of the character.

I still need to add armor and weapons before I tweak everything in preparation for sculpting. Needs a lot of work but ive got a good base to build on. After everything is finished in terms of detail, when I go to rig and pose, how do I get the clothes to follow? Do I just assign the vertex groups to the mesh so they deform the same way or could I create cloth sims and get more realistic wrinkles in the cloth? Modeling and textures I understand…but rigging is still a bit confusing to me haha. Thanks for viewing

Nice model. I like you much detail you put into the mesh hair. I suppose this guy will ride the airship?

Different angle, starting on the shoulder armor and added a quickly modeled sword.

edit: owldude, thanks man. You bet your ass hes gonna be riding the airship haha. When alls said and done with the modeling aspect im going to spruce up the airship and use it for the background scene to put this guy in.

Getting more detailed added. havent done any sculpting minus the head, but ill be adding wrinkles/folds and extra stuff. still needs a fair amount of work, then I need to rig him and get a few cool poses for render.

went ahead and started to rig the character to see how everything deforms, I still need to weight paint but heres a simple pose I put him in.

Kinda resembles the individual in your avatar.

The hair is awesome. The beard is less awesome, but props to the pirate for being able to shave in that pattern

thanks man, i modeled it after myself, now all my buddys want me to make them into samurai and pirates haha. I decided to delete all the previous materials and just use the good ole default diffuse until I do a bit of re-topo. Added some detail to the mesh, changed the lighting and gave him something to stand on.

for the clothes I create basic shapes that I want, delete faces for opening holes and shrinkwrap, offset and then manually place everything thats not right. I feel like theres a better way so if anyone knows tips would be appreciated


Is the left shoulder lower than the right one? (Check out where the arm is supposed to connect to the torso)