Sky Pirate Princess

I haven’t been around the forums in a while, but I thought I would post my latest project here. I will try to be more active here. Anyways, here is one of my origonal characters for the game universe I am trying to create. I was hoping to only spend 2 weeks on her, but I ended up spending a little over 3. The head and hair I actually took from an older model I had, so I can’t say it was all from scratch in 3 weeks. Either way, I think this turned out pretty good.

I was going to use Substance Painter to do the painting, but CTRl-Z kept not working correctly, and that was pissing me off, so I ended up painting her all in Blender. I painted her all on one layer, as I have a hard time understanding the workflow for blender painting. Does anyone know how I can use multiple layers? Anyways, any critique is greatly appreciated. I have a month left at my internship, upon which I will be unemployed, and have 5 weeks until GDC. I am hoping to either find freelance, or land a job at a game studio somewhere, so Please be as harsh as you can.

I know this isn’t perfect, as the texture is too painterly in some areas, but this was primarily an exercise in finishing. I have a hard time calling something finished because I am a perfectionist. I am trying to let that go.

Sky Pirate Princess by bryantenorio on Sketchfab


Good job, she’s nice!
To paint in Blender easilly, I recommend you the node group and pie menu develloped by Cedric Lepiller�dric-Lepiller It is really usefull!

Thank you!

I never heard of the node group. I don’t have pie menus turned on, but I should try them out. Thank for that!