Sky Resources?

Hello, I’m new to this… a little… but I was wondering if there are any good resources (preferably free) for sky-boxe textures or anything sky texture related. I don’t need my sky to do anything fancy… no lens flare, not time of day change, no animation.
Do people even use sky-boxes anymore?
If you have any good resources for sky tutorials that would be much appreciated as well.
I’ve been googling will limited success so far, that’s why I’m asking for your skill and expertise.
Thank you,

If you want a static skybox, you can just search for hdri skyboxes on the insternet, this works well with cycles/Eevee render engines

There are numerous free, HDRIs at Poly Haven:

You can easily convert any HDRI (or normal image) from there or anywhere else to a skybox by using this very handy converter tool:

Most people use skydomes because they’re respectfully lazy. But there are pros and cons to both. I’ll try to detail them below:

Skydomes vs Skyboxes


  • Easy to setup - usually just a singular skydome texure


  • Skydome mesh requires a higher poly count to achieve realism


  • Arguably has better performance then if using a skydome


  • If using multiple skybox textures, this can take up a lot of RAM + VRAM space

  • If using a singular, atlas skybox texture, it’ll require a higher resolution to compensate for the packing

    • A singular atlas also brings up the problem of maintaining hidden seam lines
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Thank you. That converter tool is amazing.

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I’m on Firefox… will try looking at this on Chrome, and see if there’s a difference.

Ya, this is all I see at the bottom of your post with the solution.