sky skate_please critique especialy on textures and later on animation

My new projekt:

is about a fantasy sport called sky skate. It is an invention for a computer game. At the moment I am working on a little get a team movie. What I try to achive is some thing like this of course not with the same quality but i want to do it as good as possible

at the moment I am working on the caracter
so there he is.

Just worked a little on the textures

Because no body did critiqued I think that the texturing is not very good at the moment so what could I improve?
Please help me!!!

I really like the shoes, and the overall model looks good. Could you post a wireframe? I’m curious on the modeling.
As for the texturing, I’d make it a bit more random ('cause right now it looks like just one color, especially the shirt). Something like a pattern (demin, leather, something similar), some dirt or a bit lighter worn out parts here and there could do the trick.

You can also make it look a bit dirty, you know… make some darker spots on it, maybe that looks nice.
What Yanneyanen said is also a good idea ^^

Thank you very much for your comments!

Yeah i tried some things so here is what i have at the moment. For the dird I just decided to use my old dirt wich probaly was just not seen because it was only black. After that I added some detail textures that are not visible in the render how it is at the moment.

And a wire of course for you

Wow, that looks really great! I hope to see more soon :smiley:

Thank you so so here is a little more.
I decided to post close up.

That looks pretty good! Maybe the fabric looked like that all along, but couldn’t really see until the close up. The dirt at the bottom is a good idea I think. Maybe some on the shoes as well?

looks good so far… his face, especially his nose, looks a little bit like a burn victim… I suggest you work on that…

Nice textures. Although you might wanna alter the shirt model a bit, particularly on the sleeve. There’s a probability it might not gonna look good when the arm is rotated down. Model it as though it has been stretched up. Or better yet, you can adjust the model with the arms down instead to get better result. You’re gonna have to add a lot of bones or shape keys there if you keep it that way and want to get a realistic deformation. Just my opinion. :smiley:

Yeah that was the idea to use bones to control the cloth.
about the fabric thing i just donßt get what you mean. If you could explaint that would be great.

most things that was did mentioned i did already worked on so here is one little bit newer renderer

Stretch your arms to the side like how your model looks like and look at your shirt’s sleeve. It looks stretched, right? You should roughly follow that deformation in order for you to get a nicer look when the arms are rotated to rest pose. It might require some shape keys to make it look relaxed in rest pose, though.

Thank you for this tip

so i will rotate the arm down.

So here is my newest update. what i did not managed was to rotate the arms so I will do this after the rigging beacause I belive that would save me some time.

So at the moment I began to rig this guy to change the arm problem. But this should not be the end of texturing.
I searched for some pictures that I could juse for research about texturing so i will see what I learn out of looking at them.

so I worked after some while of doing nothing again on My sky skate caracter especialy on riging and setting up bump maps

It realy would be great if you could give me sugesstions, critique and so on

best wishes Per

Hey I am sory for posting again but i realy need help I have now my objects but i can`t manage to rig them in a way, so they keep looking nice. The main problem is visible on the left shoulder.

Please help me I am lost what can I do?
Or should I better put the model in the bin and began a new one?

Hey i just decided to quit with this one it was a bad idea and I am not motivated enough to keep working on this.