skyboat ballooning (second anim page 3)

I’m working on this model for a dvd production… I’ts going to hang underneath a big zeppelin like balloon.

I’m still not sure whether to put some big wheels under it…

I’m not going for ultra realism, but would like the end product to be somewhat convincing… Still thinking about putting a figurehead on it, might just use a (cough) poser model, but not sure yet, the bow certainly needs something.

any and all crits/comments very welcome.

this is realllly awesome !!!

the concept is clearly excellent !

This is a very cool and excellent concept!

The modelling is great!

I’m still not sure whether to put some big wheels under it…

I wouldn’t! Can’t imagine that this would look good

I love these type of contraptions – very nice model.

Two small crits, I would a have timber comming up the bow and along the keel. It looks kind of strange the way the planking wraps around the front. I would also round the corners of the cockpit windows slightly to give them more of a nautical look. I really like the way you have mounted the engines – perhaps a small mast and guy wires to support them from the top.


It’s a cool mix between nostalgia and sci-fi fantasy. Very cool. Well done.

Thx guys…

Greybeard… rounded corners are a great idea… I now did the windows by simply extruding the walls, but I think you’re right… I’ll do that.

Here’s some images of progress.

I just thought it’d be cute to do one of these:

Here’s the boat with wheels, still not sure of them… with just the boat they look a bit dodgy.

But with the balloon… I kinda like them…

I dunno… it still needs heaps of rigging… I’ll have tons of rope on it… and quite a few hanging loose trailing behind.

Also it needs steering… the engines don’t turn on their mounts so I’ll have to make surfaces for that… but add them to the balloon or behind the engines??? haven’t decided yet.

nice modeling work!

Looking promising!

i really like that concept !!!

of course i’m waiting for the textures and lightning

cool work

keep on blending !!!

thx guys… some progress.

Rounded cabin windows as per suggestion… thx they work better.
Started on the “fins” for steering, not quite happy with the rigging.
Also put on some bars… to keep people from falling out, but I don’t really like them… don’t seem to fit the style.

removed them bars and started testing the rigging, not sure yet.

weird btw… it seems to render quickest at an octree of 64 only…

textures and colors and such will have to wait… I want to pitch the concept tomorrow and don’t have the time. I’d much rather have a good looking model.

There is more details, great modeling ! :slight_smile:

Looking good! a suggestion: I would place the flaps/ruders on the back of the blimp…

Superb modeling macouno. Love the style.


Thx guys…

Here’s an update… made the balloon bulge a bit, added some rigging… the loose wires will move in the wind… hopefully :wink:

O an cativo… since I don’t like my current fins… I’ll try what you suggest.

Yup rudders on the balloon look better… not sure whether to go for these which are quite “close” to the real thing… or to put on some “squares” with a tubular structure… the latter may be closer to the boat… so in keeping with the style… I think I’ll just have to try it.

This is looking great. Great detail. Looks very promising.

Really like the non-so-modern-cool-looking-airships concept. Keep it up.

Thx guys.

Here’s an update… may not look very different but it is… all the ropes hanging off the balloon now have a curve deform with a path and a hook so that I can make em dangle in the wind.

BUT… I rendered this one with an OSA of 16 and am still getting jaggies… any ways to solve that guys??? I could of course turn on mblur… but am not waiting for the increase in render time.

there are new gausian sampling for the antianalising in the render buttons … but i have no idea how to use them.

I’ve tried that and though it makes the jaggies less obvious it doesn’t remove them… it just blurs them hehe…

Upping the AO to 16 samples seems to help but not a lot. I seem to be able to change the angle at which I get jaggies by varying the combination of AO samples and OSA samples, but I can’t get rid of them completely.