skydivers around here?

Hi everyone,

I am a skydiver and I am doing 3D modeling and animation as my another hobby. Any skydivers around here?


No, not yet seeing as I’m a minor but I’m taking glider pilot lessons. :slight_smile:

so you’re allowed to be taught how to fly a plane but not how to jump out of one!?

Hmm, they do teach you how to stop (and exit a car duh) before you start driving so why don’t they teach you how to bail out of a plane before you start flying in one…how…peculiar…

I’d love to be able to take glider pilot lessons. Sounds awesome.
And skydiving? That sure looks like the ride of your life. I’m not sure if I want to try that lol.

In general aviation you don’t jump out of the plane letting it choose to go wherever the air currents push it… You have a better chance of staying alive if you bail out with a parachute on your back if your jet loses it’s engines rather than trying to land the thing in the water but hey, you tell me why they don’t teach us to sky dive during the flight. :wink:

Way to go Gon. Flying a plane should be fun. I did try hang-gliding and it is very different from skydiving, though still a lot of fun.

I’m not yet, but i really want to go to a course.
The only thing that bugs me at the moment is the price of the course - 500 euros.
If i save enough money i could take the course at the end of the summer.

@N-Gon: How much do those glider pilot lessons cost? Is it more fun than piloting an aeroplane with an engine?
What you’re doing sounds very dangerous to me!
What are you going to do if you lose control over the plane? Seriously!

@sjcomp: How old are you? Have you won any prizes?

I am 26. I did not compete yet, I got my A-license last year. I did static-line progression, which is the cheapest way to get into sport (as I think). Good-luck, I hope you will save some money.

I did a little… not even 20 jumps… Went on to fly planes (comercially if i could)… then crashed my motorbike into a cop car…Destroyed the bike and badly damaged the cop car. Took a bit of head injury, was not allowed to fly/jump for 2 years. So I changed professions yet again. Just finished My PhD and now i’m looking at getting back into skydiving and rock climbing.

@delt0r: Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you’ll get back on your feet!
Rock climbing rocks! I’ve never tried it though…
I’ll add that to my “Things to do this summer” list!

Things happened, but I am glad you are going to start again. I am still struggling with my PhD, but my congrats with your graduation :slight_smile:

I started skydiving and gave up.

Did seven static line jumps on a RAPS course. It was a good experience but eventually I figured that you will spend 90% of your time waiting around on the DZ instead of jumping. Learning to skydive in the UK is a good way of wasting lots and lots of time and money. One day I’ll skydive somewhere abroad (Dubai would be awesome).

I tried to start a skydiving club here at Oxford but it never got off the ground (forgive the pun) -hopefully, I’ll start gliding next year instead.


Sometimes it happens :frowning: And looking at a people at Drop Zones, it is their style of life.

I never tried sky diving, doubt if I ever will.
I’m one of those people who don’t try doing anything I may not walk away from. Call it scardy cat if you want, but I think of it as common sense.:wink:

There are so many other things to try, everyone should do what they like :slight_smile: Actually it reminds me that when a student arrives to do the first jump, skydivers say: “Well, the most dangerous part of your trip is over… you got here.” :slight_smile:

But even crossing streets is one of those things. Yet, it’s something that you (hopefully :P) do every day.

There are those who are afraid to die and there are those who are afraid not to live.

I guess it’s time to lead it back to blender :slight_smile: I am thinking about creating a low poly model of a skydiver. I thought if I find skydivers here they might have done it already.

Friday13: I’m sorry but I only cross the road about once a month.
Live in the country, no need to cross the road.(I only ever cross the road to get the mail)

sjcomp: Nope, never modeled a skydiver. Prolly would look awfull if I did.
I’m not the best at doing models.sigh

Ah, well, sorry. I thought you lived in one of the urban parts of NY.

I’m also a skydiver, whereabouts do you jump? Jump numbers?

I’ve travelled a lot around Australian drop zones and a few in Europe. Got just over a thousand jumps now, and my tandem and AFF instructor ratings.

I haven’t been jumping much lately after an accident last year, but slowly getting back into it.