Hi I tryed to make a skydome, but it dosent seem to work. It is a fine seamless picture but it makes that grid on it? how can i fix this? heres the picture.

Thanks :smiley:

wrong UV method?
Try this one: select all faces, U key, choose Reset, and in the UV editor, select
all vertices and scale them, maybe, to suit your needs.

Oh my it still dosent work :frowning: Is there just a way to use the procedure textures in the game engine?

Yes, but they have to be baked and then used on the unrapped models.

Im not sure what you have there in the uvimage window, but it looks like the top and bottom of the dome and the the middle planes?

I learned from the sample here, and most the domes are not a full cirlcle, but a half. and I have seen them layed out like the part in your picture that looks like the top or the circle is layed out like a square.

Then the dome sits on a plane. Also in your image where the blue is in the center, I think that is because your camera is clipping/stopping its view before it hits the dome.

So, I would say to cut the dome in half, and then just let it be in a circle, then make your image in the circle too. That seems the easiest for me.

Good luck.

Almost forgot… On the dome mapped out on a squared, there was also another dome ring only, just 2 or one planes tall and it had another flat map for the mountains at the horizon line.

The answer is easy. Press A in face editor, press U, then select “sphere from view”. It looks like you cume projected your map. Perhaps you could go to an image editor and stretch the top and bottom of the image so that it dosen’t look squeezed at the top.