The final composite for my Skylight project. Simple modeling but a lot of thought and work went into the look and lighting.

Nice minimalstic scene. Is the cloud generated, a backplate or an HDRI?

Thanks! The sky is a backplate. From Wood is from a photo I took of paneling.

I think that while I understand it is supposed to be dark everywhere it is to dark. Bounced lighting form a source like that would not leave the area pitch black. Nice effect though. :slight_smile:

Gorgeous. The surrounding scene might not be as black to the naked eye, but a camera with different settings could see it that way.

The only possible critique would be the inside walls might be a bit too smooth. Just a hint of drywall or stucco detail might make it pop even more.


Yeah, i’m starting to rethink my lighting choice. Most comments have pointed that out. There light there, just very dim. The light from the window caused the auto exposure on my iphone to adjust and I liked the effect. I’m going to take one more stab at it adding a little more light from underneath to see what it looks like.

Thanks! I appreciate it.

There is a small bump on the walls from the paint roller, and you can see it if you zoom in on the resized version below. I wanted to be really careful to not make it too pronounced and to scale. I think the volumetric layer may have washed it out a little. When I add a little more lighting to the ceiling, i’ll try tweaking it a little.

Great lighting!

Thanks! I appreciate it.

Nice simple and effective. It would be nice thing to add a little finishing touch.
Like a small red butterfly - on top of the sky. (red- blue color contrast)

Ah - interesting idea. . .hmm might have to think about that.

That’s really fantastic.

I personally wouldn’t touch the lighting, if you analyse it if it were real, the camera is exposed for the sky (not interior), and by the lack of noise, the ISO is set very low. So, super realistic in my opinion!