this is the first of 5 projects i will be doing for my art class.

ok so the background.

In the year 2386, the World Government realized that they needed a small self contained anti-personell weapon that could deploy mobily and learn from its surroundings.
They came up with Skyline. This small device weighs in at 300lbs and is capable of shooting an electrostaticly charged pulse of plasma over 5 miles. It is accurate to 1/1000th of a millimetre and is entirely self contained. The device uses infared imaging along with pulse light scanning to find and hone in on its targets.
It does not need any support from the outside world, as it creates its own energy from the chemical reactions that take place in the ground.
Skyline can rotate 360 degrees and up and down, so it is also able to take out light aircraft.

I still need to add the pins to the joints and make any other changes you guys see.

Not sure where it shoots out of, but I could use one of those for my apartment. Looks good so far, is this your own story too?

I think that it needs a barrel along the middle part. Right before the emitter, you know? I would want to protect that area from enemy attacks, it seems like a small blast would blow those pipes apart. Maybe just a small casing to bulk it up a bit. Otherwise, it looks really good! If there is a story behind the quote, then I would like to hear it!


looks nice, but for all of the features described in the story, it looks a little… uh… lacking.

right now all i see is a tripod with a frame on it, where is all of the optical equipment, and i dont see any way for it to rotate up and down.

looks okay so far, needs some more work though, it has the potential to looks really neat :slight_smile: .

If its gonna fire 5 miles, you’ll want a much sturdier frame. It looks like it would just snap at the moment. Nice gun though.


if its to atain energy for a massive chemical discharge thenit NEEDS a place to store this energy untill it is discharged. so you need a battery.

If its a learning weapon then it also needs a memory/cpu containment area and im not seeing much for that either.

OR any sensors to do this tracking so spoken of. the weapon needs eyes after all.

Not seeing much of this impressive ground chemical interaction for energy either. perhaps some drills for boring into the ground for stability and its energy gathering?

about 21 days too late guys.
this was handed in about 2 weeks ago and was done almost 3 weeks ago.

its just a weird story thats made up, not really a accurate one. i would have put more work into it, but i think it looks the best the way it is. i like things clean and simple and i think that the other things would clutter it up.

here are some of the othe rones i did. got a 98% on the project so im satisfied.

anti aircraft

both of them are very clean, i like to leave it as simple as possible. probably could have put some more detail into them, but i was under a deadline. now i dont really feel like going back to them.