Skype instant messaging

Does anyone here us Skype?

And whats your name if you do?

Mine is retardmonkeys…

i have used it, but i went back to using MSN.


I use it for the VOIP

I have one friend that uses it, but he’s never on, so I’m not on very much any more either. But my name thing on it is iruchlin.


Why use it when there are several other more populated IM services?

Because none of the instant messaging services I have used have sound quality as good as skype. I have had up to 5 ppl talking at once from anywhere from england to USA and it ran smooth and didnt lag.

Yes, I use Skype, and I’m very happy with it. The voice over IP is very nice, and the instant messaging is pretty good too. I would recommend Skype to anyone.

user: sworkshop

I also use SkypeIn ^_-

My nightmare is compiling kernel 2.6 and still can’t get my soundcard to work… :< :<

I’m using skype for my business, giving voice support to clients. I don’t have a landline, only GSM, so I’m using Skypeout as wel and I’m very satisfied with it.

I like the instant messaging very much, it’s better than most of the other options (I DO have accounts on Yahoo, MSN, AOL and ICQ, using Miranda for that).

My ID is ‘technogremlin’, free available for chat (but don’t bug me to much, I need work to be done :wink: ) but for viop calls you need to send me a buddy request first and I only accept usefull connects.