Skype: Let's learn blender together! chatting cg stuff, gamedev, smalltalk. pref ~GMT

Hello I’m new to blender and have some projects in mind. I’m versed in 2D (fine) art ( and 3D to some extent. Also in sound and music production (,,

I’d like to get some contacts where appart from talk about cg, games, life, etc we can learn blender together or someone already advanced could join just for the company, chatting about stuff. casual.
I’m well versed in 3dsm and Zbrush but I’m trying to move away from atleast 3dsm.

I also used to program in C++ at some semi-advanced level.

I like games that convey stories and helpful morales and have beautiful environments etc and I’m interested in greening our concrete jungle. permaculture, urban gardening, that stuff.

but all in all I’m rather approachable. I’m 27.

I’m about to set out on a project to make a scene in prolly Unity around this concept:
where it’d be some sort of management game, struggling to survive on a pillar in the ocean for instance with a minimum of nature on top of the pillar(s) defying the concrete etc… kind of like a comment on modern civilisation etc… but nothing too explicit. I want it to be enjoyable.

mostly I miss the ventrilo server that’s now down so I’m feeling lonely in the day-time (GMT+1 here) :wink: but I’m learning blender now and I’d like to be able to talk about that even though I’d talk about nearly anything as we usually do on the ca vent.

(the way it usually goes on the ca vent is people just log on and talk sporadically, scarcely or a lot while working so dead silence just means you’re working and nothing to be uncomfortable with.)

/nim, Erik

oops forgot. <-skype
[email protected]