Skype Me

I just installed Skype, and it’s working pretty good. I avoided it for a while because my internet connection is rather inconsistent. If anyone wants me to be able to Skype them send me a Private Message with your Skype name. I may not accept everybody, so don’t be offended if I don’t try talking to you. I might take a little time to review the people before contacting you back. :slight_smile:

oooh oooh add me add me! you know you want to :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah :rolleyes:

Who owns Skype now? Weren’t they bought out? Are they better than Yahoo or AOL or other IMs?

they were bought out by ebay /paypal people. but is still run by the kazaa p2p people.

didn’t ebay buy paypal too? i wonder if paypal used ebay to sell itself… and i wonder if ebay payed with paypal.

I’d give you a ring-aling waffler, but i still don’t have a microphone after my last headset broke… once I get one maybe I’ll have my people set something up.

i tried using Skype, but the reason i stopped was because it would not let me talk through the headset and hear through the earpiece in the headset at the same time…

anyway… i like MSN better its not as slow… and better sound quality…

Skype steals your bandwidth if you become a supernode.